martes, 29 de mayo de 2012

Inti Raymi Reservations - Cusco-Peru


Several reasons compelled the Inca civilization to make sacrifices and offerings to their king star the sun. One of them was that the Inca, as well as Cusqueñan nobility, were considered to be natural children of the Sun. To him they owed their existence, for which recognition was due with sacrifices and offerings. On the other hand, if the corn harvest was good in the last agricultural year, it was necessary to be thankful, and if the harvest was poor, it was necessary to request that it be compensated with a better one the following year. Finally, in June (winter solstice) as the Sun moved away and temperatures dropped, at dawns water froze, therefore it was necessary to request that the Sun return, that after twilight it should not continue advancing towards the north.

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Ana Condor Tours Cusco, Peru

Todo Peru
Cultura, Ecología y Aventura

  1. Peru Mistico 9 Días / 8 Noches
  2. Sur del peru 16 días / 15 Noches
  3. Peru Aventurero 17 Días / 16 Noches
  4. Perú Pacífico 12 Días / 11 Noches
  5. Peru Andino 8 Días / 7 Noches
  6. Peru majestuoso 10 Días / 9 Noches
  7. Peru Mágico 13 Días / 12 Noches
  8. Peru natural 22 Días / 21 Noches
  9. Peru Cultural 7 Días / 6 Noches
  10. Peru maravillosos 6 Días / 5Noches
  11. Peru Encantador 12 Días / 11 Noches
  12. Norte del peru 15 Días / 14 Noches